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Congrats to the BYC Graduating class of 2022!

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BYC Graduating class of 2020...the year of covid and distance learning!

Congratulations to the 2017 Graduates!

2017 Believe You Can
Teacher Training Participants

Thank you Jane! You are so sweet! I ❤️ your classes! I taught Grounding in the group class. I think I’m ready to teach some of the class with you, whenever you want. Just let me know what section(s) a few days ahead and I’ll be ready! Thank you again for everything! The training was literally life changing and I am so happy teaching!

I came to training just to learn how to teach yoga, I left not only being able to teach but learnt so much more about Myself , life, and how to have a more balanced life. I walked away knowing how to pay it forward and make a difference in people's lives.  ~SG

Flexibility of payment and schedule were a huge plus. This was the style of yoga that I prefer to practice and has provided me a solid foundation to begin my teaching and continue my training. 
~ ND

Through this training I gained confidence as a new yoga teacher and found growth in my personal practice as well. The training provided a solid overview of the different aspects of yoga from the eight limbs of yoga with emphasis on yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, and meditation, to sessions on anatomy, chakras, assisting, sanskrit, and basic sequential flow.

The training provided a good base, and I am excited to dive deeper and grow as a teacher and practitioner as I continue on my yoga teacher training journey in the future.  
~ Gwen

This training was an amazing experience. Before I enrolled in this training, I was thinking about doing a teacher training across the country. I'm glad I didn't. This training connected me with an amazing group of women in my community.

I feel confident that all of the information I have learned, has prepared me to share classes that are beneficial and well thought out. I will recommend this training to anyone interested in growing in their practice or teaching. Thank you Jane!

Photos from the Believe You Can! Teacher Trainings

2016 Believe You Can
Teacher Training Particpant

from Jessica A.

And here I was for years with this stupid secret weighing me down.  I had never heard of Baron before I met you at PPY.  I took one class with you and knew I loved your energy.  Everything I share with my students comes from what I have learned through my training with you and all the readings I've done.  I am a work in progress and I can't tell you how much lighter I feel after letting this go.  

I feel now like my light truly can shine. Jane, thank you for all you do.  Never ever doubt that you are on the right path.  You have created a judgement free safe yoga teacher training for people to grow, learn and explore, and most importantly find their own voice / because everyone else's is taken right?  ❤️ Love you Jane!  Namaste my friend and teacher.  Never give this up, never.

Now Jessica A. is hearing from her own students!

Jessica's Students Discuss Her Class

Jess, Just wanted to thank you for your classes. I can't adequately express what they mean to me. Teaching is not easy and you are a natural!!
from A.O.

Jess, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful Yoga class last night. My right hip and shoulder had been bothering me terribly. When I left class I finally got some relief and was able to sleep well. I feel great today. My right side flares up sometimes from all the sitting I do at work and that side was injured two years ago in a car accident. Thank you so much!
from N.C.

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