meet the teachers: Personal shares from Teacher Training

Reflections of a Trainee

from Donna

Jane Viscolosi is an amazing communicator and motivator. She challenges her yoga teachers-in-training with a firm resolve, but also with sensitivity and compassion. She leaves nothing uncovered -- the physical practice and anatomy, the spiritual connection and a necessary understanding of the history of yoga. Jane is as dedicated as the most eager and devoted student and her work ethic, knowledge, wit, and passion have landed her exactly in the right place to offer her talent and gifts in service to others.    

Find your dharma. I did.  Jane and Nikki’s passion for teaching the power of yoga guided my journey to believe in myself, to weave my passion for yoga with compassion to create a purpose.  A purpose which supported my effort to take back my life from physical and emotional challenges.  Open your heart and mind.  “Believe You Can”. Peace.  

~ Susan

My yoga teacher training journey enabled me to get to the root of myself. I was able to meet like minded people and experience the powerful transformation that Believe You Can teacher training provided. This teacher training was filled with awesome energy and laughs. I will miss it. I cant wait to share my passion for yoga with others.

Caitlin Hammond

What an amazing experience! I’m stronger, smarter, more confident and more committed to the practice of yoga than I was before the training.  I feel blessed to have taken this journey with two such amazing course facilitators and an amazing group of fellow trainees.  I feel such a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  Thank you!

Laura Calenda

Making the decision to attend Believe You Can Teacher Training was honestly one of the best decisions I have made. The curriculum is amazingly comprehensive and thorough. It covers a variety of fundamental aspects of the physical, spiritual and historical nature of yoga.

Jane is an amazing human and an amazing teacher. Her excitement and enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge and passing on her wisdom to her students is immediately obvious. I highly recommend Jane and Believe You Can Teacher Training to anybody that wants to develop personal growth while learning to teach yoga and its many nuances. I have so much gratitude to Jane for the experience and providing the tools to help me continue to grow as an individual.

Ryan Boutchie

It's your  turn, learn how to teach the yoga you love.

I decided to embark on TT to earn a credential as much as I did to further my practice. I had no idea that I would experience this level of personal and professional growth as well as to embrace the many limbs of yoga that truly are just as important as the Asana practice. Truly a wonderful bond with fellow Tribe 5 members. And, can't imagine that there is any greater quantifiable value of attending any other TT program, particularly given how frequently you utilized such exceptional outside guests to further enhance your program and skill set.

~ Jeff Brown

Believe You Can is a fitting name for this school, as it supported students through the rigorous Physical and mental process of yoga teacher training with personalized care. As a student in my 60's, this helped me complete training with a focus on power vinyasa, and I appreciated the internal power afforded by the attention to the mind as much as to the body. I am forever changed, and prepared not just for teaching, but for living the rest of my life.

~ A. Johnson

Over the course of the training I have battled with some level of depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, grief, middle school transitions with my oldest, the first year of life with my youngest, and not the least of which - the global pandemic and all that rolled in with's been a wild ride.
I have torn open old wounds and freely bled my pain on page after page of journals and I am slowly stitching them back up again.
I have cursed the work, and I have praised it.
I have resisted, and I have accepted. I have cried (a lot), and I have smiled. I joined this training to because I wanted to teach yoga. I left this training having learned how to be myself (and teach yoga).

~ Jessica N.K.

Graduation Day was the best day I've had since the whole COVID-19 pandemic started. I had a feeling of joy that I've not had for a very long time. You and Nikki made it a very special day. Today I'm feeling sad that the experience is over. I enjoyed being inspired and challenged. I also had something to look forward to on a regular basis for almost a year. You could not have done a better job holding the group together. I think it is remarkable that everyone graduated given the circumstances. That is a testament to your dedication, hard work and genuine enthusiasm. You met everyone where they were and gave support and encouragement to continue.

~Pilar Johnson

The Believe You Can Teacher Training Program was awesome, and it fully exceeded my expectations. Jane Viscolosi is not just an amazing Yoga Instructor, but she is truly a wise, kind, passionate Teacher of Teachers. Her expertly planned curriculum went far beyond the basics.

I learned so much about all aspects of yoga both in theory & in practice and also about myself and my spirit & soul. The excellent Believe You Can Program provided me with the knowledge & confidence to get out into the field and share with the world the beauty, light & love that yoga creates, and for that I will be forever grateful!

~ DA

Dan Horton

Not only does Jane have command of the poses but she has a deep understanding of what it takes to get into the pose. 

Jane's wealth of knowledge can only come from years of practice combined with years of teaching. 

This deep base of experience is why I chose Believe You Can teacher training. Jane has a unique, profound understanding that works very, very well when teaching future teachers. 

The lessons learned in this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training have been invaluable.

As I thought about it this morning after taking your class last night...I just love your class!  I have since 2004 when you came in to teach in the cafeteria of my corporate office! Last night’s election night class was just what I needed. I really enjoy how your class always allows me the ability to just be a student on my own mat. Not worried about teaching yoga, or work, or family matters, to do lists, or anything.  My experience consistently is that  I literally can just drop out for 90 min and "be". 

Thank you so much for that! Jane, thank you for sharing your joy of yoga, passing that on to me, and inspiring me to pass along to others. It really is a ripple effect.

Your humble 2016 Graduate,

Kimberly Lewis-Hunt

Trish Cura wasn't sure about teacher training but she has done amazing things since graduating! She stayed steady, and now students are enjoying her classes. Trish also created and started Chair Yoga at Kula. Seniors are thoroughly enjoying being able to participate in yoga and meditation…including Jane's own mother!

Trish Cura 

I feel so deeply blessed that i took Jane's teacher training. From Day 1 I knew Jane was the right teacher for my personal journey. Jane’s  energy, enthusiasm, commitment and overall facilitation were honestly tremendous throughout the 8 months and over 200 learning hours. Jane made herself available 24/7 no matter how many questions or concerns i had, or just to talk, she always  made herself available just as she said she would on Weekend #1. I love my beautiful teacher Jane,

What Yoga Teachers and students are saying about jane

I had the privilege of doing my yoga teacher training with Jane Viscolosi last December 2014. There are too many words to describe Jane in this short testimonial but what immediately comes to mind is her joy, inner and outer beauty, wisdom, her nurturing side and most importantly her love for yoga. Jane's support during and after my training is truly priceless and when she speaks I stop everything to listen to her input. 

She teaches from her heart and is compassionate for those who have embarked on this journey called yoga. Her personality is what draws people to want to know her,  and her continued drive and passion to share the message of yoga is what makes them come back for more. It was an honor to train with Jane and I would highly recommend her training and yoga classes to everyone.

Stephanie Singh

Christine Maguire

I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Jane in 2012. At the age of 40, I had been practicing yoga only a few short months before enrolling in the program. Jane's guidance and encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to embark on this gratifying and life affirming journey. Throughout the process, and every day since then, I have been grateful for her friendship, her teachings, and her mentoring. 

She shares her zest for yoga and connection to others so freely and generously that it's hard to not be inspired by her energy and full-on approach to life and love. From Jane, I learned to cultivate and refine the skills necessary to build a career as a yoga teacher. Of greater importance however, I learned to embody the practice of yoga on and off the mat. Jane is a true gift to me and so many others.

I was so happy to see you last week and need to make you a regular part of my yoga practice. Your class is so amazing. I have taken a lot of yoga classes in a lot of different states since our old days at Raffa and I have to say that I had forgotten how lovely it is to have an instructor with EXPERIENCE, passion, professionalism. You blew me away!!

Jill Puleo